Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards

2016 Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards 


“Ghosts” Choreographed by Ray Mercer

“Creep” with Michael Cusumano, Sean Stewart, and Alina Faye

“They Just Keep Moving the Line” Performed by Seeley Stephens

Marcelo Gomes Award and “Til I Hear You Sing” with Luis Villabon and Morgan Stinnett

Ruby Lewis Award and “Route 66” with Michael-Leon Wooley and Stephen Hanna

“At the Ballet” Performed by Pace University Students

“Fields of Gold” with Melanie Field and Brandon Leffler and Donna McKechnie Award

Olga Vaginava and Lauren Gibbs

“Just Get Here” with Michael-Leon Wooley, Christopher Jackson, and Larisa Harper

Tom Viola Award and “Change” Performed by Ruby Lewis

“Sinatra Suite” Performed by Marcelo Gomes

“What I Did For Love” with Donna McKechnie and Cast