Life Ball

Life Ball 2017

The Life Ball in Vienna is the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with HIV or AIDS. The event is organized by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE, which was founded in 1992 by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian.[1]

AIDS LIFE supports AIDS organizations devoted to helping people who are HIV-positive or have AIDS. The team entrusted with the allocation of funds thoroughly examines each petition. Moreover, it is an explicit goal of AIDS LIFE to raise public awareness. was granted a media sponsorship to attend and film the event – videos below.

Life Ball 2017 Highlights of the Performances 

Life Ball 2017 Nathan Trent – full performance – from Eurovision

Life Ball Press Conference Highlights 2017

Life Ball Cast Performance 

Life Ball Naomi Campbell – Elton John Letter 

Life Ball 2017 – in 48 Hours – Highlights from All the Events