Top Stories on October 24, 2017
Top Stories on October 24, 2017
Betty Price’s “Quarantine” Comment a Startling Example of Remaining HIV Stigma and Ignorance

“The stigma, fear and ignorance associated with HIV are still very strong; those of us who do this work on a daily basis might forget this sad fact,” Paul Sax, M.D., writes. on Twitter
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Highlights From’s Coverage of IDWeek 2017:

Hepatitis C Drug Uptake and Efficacy Jump After Arrival of Newer Direct-Acting Drugs

According to a new Swiss study, uptake of anti-hepatitis C therapy by people coinfected with HIV rose dramatically with the advent of direct-acting antivirals (DAAs), especially second-generation DAAs.

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Ten-Year Mortality High With on-ART Viral Load of 400-999 Copies/mL

Researchers aimed to see whether they could define a clinically meaningful threshold of detectable viral load below 1,000 copies/mL with a single viral load measure at six months after initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

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Lung Cancer Screening Results Similar in HIV Group and General Population

Screening HIV-positive people for lung cancer with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) yielded a positive-image rate similar to that in the general population, according to the results of a recent study.

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Anti-Inflammatory Antibody Canakinumab: Implications for Heart Disease, Cancer and HIV

Thank You, Paul Kawata: Reflections on USCA and Being a Gay Man of a Certain Age

U.S. Simulation Explores Intersection of PrEP and Some Sexually Transmitted Infections


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