Top Stories on November 7, 2017
Top Stories on November 7, 2017
Each One, Teach One: HIV Community Leaders Share Their Mentorship Stories

Mentorship is a key component helping us challenge stigma, live with HIV, and commit to a life of service. We asked some community leaders to tell us about their mentors and what they’ve gained from these relationships. on Twitter
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This Week in HIV Research: Test-and-Treat Ain’t Just for HIV

Our four brief summaries this week include new data on hepatitis C coinfection treatment; a late-stage fixed-dose combination drug for HIV; HIV incidence among gay men in London; and HIV’s ability to hijack effector memory T-cells.

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Estimating the Total Size of the HIV Reservoir

Researchers estimated a total body burden of as many as seven million cells expressing HIV RNA at any given time in tissues, despite viral load suppression to undetectable levels in the blood.

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One on One With Sharon Lewin, Ph.D.

The noted HIV researcher talks to Positively Aware about recent advances, the search for a cure, and the long road ahead.

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Italian and U.S. Researchers Look to the Future and Explore Aging-Related Issues

Dolutegravir/Lamivudine Dual Therapy as Switch Option in Multiple Studies

New York City Finds Gaps in the HIV Cascade of Care Linked to Reduced Survival

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