Top Stories on November 21, 2017
Top Stories on November 21, 2017
Top 10 HIV Clinical Developments of 2017

These major stories changed the way we think about HIV patient care and treatment in 2017. David A. Wohl, M.D., walks us through what happened — and why it matters. on Twitter
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In Their Words: Burdens of HIV Nursing Include Lack of Respect and Resources

At the 2017 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) conference, nurses gathered in Dallas to talk about juggling the medical complexities of HIV infection, managing their patients’ additional comorbid conditions, and providing emotional support.

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This Week in HIV Research: Repeat Diagnoses Reveal Gaps in Care

Sobering data regarding linkage to HIV care among women in the U.S.; Latinx HIV incidence inequalities; efficacy of hepatitis C treatment among people with HIV; and a call for frequent STI testing among at-risk people with HIV.

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In a Large HIV Group, Only 36% of Those Needing Statins Received Statins

The majority of HIV-positive people with a statin indication by current guidelines are not receiving a statin, according to an analysis at a St. Louis HIV clinic.

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D/C/F/TAF Noninferior to Continued Protease Inhibitor at Week 48 of Phase 3 Trial

No Transmissions From Breastfeeding in Tanzania Cohort From Mothers With Undetectable Viral Load

Eliminating Viral Hepatitis Is Possible: Four Lessons From the World Hepatitis Summit

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